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Rob Paulsen Contact Details

NAME: Rob Paulsen
DOB: 11 March 1956
BIRTHPLACE: Detroit, Michigan, United States
HEIGHT: 1.79 m

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Who is Rob Paulsen?

Rob Paulsen Known for his work in a variety of animated television shows and films, is an American voice actor and voice director. In recognition of his work as Pinky in the Animaniacs series, he was presented with a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program as well as three Annie Awards. Rob Paulsen, the son of Bob and Lee Paulsen, was born on March 11, 1956, in the city of Detroit, which is located in the state of Michigan. His childhood was spent in Grand Blanc, Michigan, and he received his high school diploma from Grand Blanc High School in the year 1974. His boyhood hero was the ice hockey player Gordie Howe, and he regarded a career in the arts to be a secondary option owing to his main interest in playing in the National Hockey League. He sang in choirs throughout his infancy and adolescence, and he started participating in plays in school. Despite this, he considered the arts to be a secondary career choice.

To his father’s chagrin, he only spent a short time studying at the University of Michigan–Flint before deciding to abandon his academic pursuits and go to Los Angeles in 1978 in order to launch a career in the entertainment industry. Before he decided to pursue voice acting as a career full-time, he began his career as a musician. In the 1983 animated miniseries G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Paulsen portrayed the roles of Snow Job and Tripwire.

This was his first job in the voice acting industry. A few years later, his career launched into more roles such as Cobra Slavemaster and reprising Snow Job and “Tripwire” on G.I. Joe, Corky on The Snorks, Marco Smurf on the later seasons of The Smurfs, “Boober” on the animated version of Fraggle Rock, Hadji in The New Adventures of Jonny Quest and the title character Saber Rider and the villain Jesse Blue on Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. Paulsen continued to co-star in animated programs all into the early 1990s. This gave him the opportunity to expand further into radio and television announcements, and he eventually eliminated live-action acting from his repertory. After providing the voice of “Antoine Depardieu” in the series Sonic the Hedgehog, which aired on ABC in 1993, he went on to provide the voice of “Arthur,” an insecure accountant who wore a moth costume in the superhero series The Tick, which aired on CBS in 1995. Micky Dolenz was the actor who had initially portrayed the role of Arthur.

Mighty Max and The Mask were both released the same year, 1993, with him playing the lead role in both. Also at this period, he played Yakko Warner on Animaniacs, which would go on to become one of the most well-known roles of his career. Paulsen also performed the voice of Pinky for both Animaniacs and its spin-off Pinky and the Brain, a program for which he was nominated for many Annie Awards and was awarded a Daytime Emmy in 1999. In addition, he provided the voice for a variety of characters in Tiny Toon Adventures, such as “Fowlmouth,” “Arnold the Pit Bull,” and “Concord Condor.”

He provided the voices for Banjo Possum, Mr. Hitcher, and Johnny Pew in the Tiny Toon Adventures feature How I Spent My Vacation, which was released only on home video. In addition, Paulsen has provided the voices for a great number of other characters, such as Steelbeak in Darkwing Duck, Brick and Boomer in The Powerpuff Girls, Atchan in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, Spooky the Tuff Little Ghost in The Spooktacular New Adventures of Casper, Ogden O. Ostrich in Channel Umptee-3, Hathi in Jungle Cubs, Jack Fenton, The Box Ghost, Nicolai Techn

In the early episodes of Samurai Jack, he also provided the voice for the character Rothchild. In addition, Paulsen lent his voice to the character of P.J. Pete in the films Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, and An Extremely Goofy Movie. He was also responsible for providing the voices of Ratchet and Dr. Debolt in the TaleSpin pilot television film Plunder & Lightning. In the animated version of Fraggle Rock, he also provided the voices of Boober Fraggle, Sprocket, and Marjory the Trash Heap. In the cinematic adaptation of Dragon Hunters, he lent his voice to the character of Gwizdo.

In addition to that, he provided the voices for Zeek and Joshua in the animated series K10C: Kids’ Ten Commandments, Rude Dog in the series Rude Dog and the Dweebs, and Ze Archer, Archie the Raccoon, in the episode “Mask of the Raccoon” on The Penguins of Madagascar. in addition, he lent his voice to the characters of 2T Fru-T and Mike Ellis in the animated series Butt-Ugly Martians, which aired in 2001.

Chomper and Strut were voiced by him in The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure. He also provided the voice of Spike and Rinkus in the sequels to The Land Before Time, as well as Spike in the television series. However, the role of Spike was spoken by an unknown actor in the first version of The Land Before Time. In the ninth and last installment of The Land Before Time, titled Journey to Big Water, Paulsen reprised his role as Mo. Paulsen also provided the voice for the robot “D.E.C.K.S.” in the television series Wake, Rattle, and Roll, which aired in the early 1990s. In the Jem episode “The Fan,” Paulsen also provided the voice for Prescott A. Wentworth III. In Sonic the Hedgehog, Paulsen also portrayed the role of Antoine Depardieu.

Fans of “The Transformers” will remember Paulsen best for providing the voices of the Autobots Air Raid, Chase, Haywire, Fastlane, and Slingshot. He also provided the voices of Slingshot. Paulsen has provided the voices for a number of characters in video games, including Doom 3. He played Fluffy the Chinese-crested dog in 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue, an Irish pub landlord in the 1996 video game Toonstruck, and a floating talking skull named Morte in Planescape: Torment, as well as Anomen Delryn in Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Gray Fox in Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes and both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros.

Ultimate as an Assist Trophy. In the second episode of The Lost Vikings, he lent his voice to the character Erik the Swift, who was the protagonist. In the English translation of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy X-2, he performed the roles of Tobli and Lian Ronso. Additionally, he was the main character in the anime series Bubsy. Paulsen has also provided voice acting for the Greek warriors in God of War, despite the fact that this is a very supporting part. In the Disney and Square Enix collaboration Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, he provided the voices of Jaq and The Grand Duke from the Cinderella universe.

In the 1980s, Paulsen also made several forays into the world of live-action filmmaking. Eyes of Fire, which he made in 1983, was his first feature. Body Double, Stewardess School, Warlock, and Mutant on the Bounty were all films in which he appeared in minor parts. During this period, he also made guest appearances on a number of television programs, including MacGyver and St. Elsewhere. Paulsen also got more well-known in the field of advertising during this time period. In the 1980s, he had a recurring role as the announcer on the television sitcom Cheers, and he continued to find work in the same capacity.

He was the announcer for Buffalo Dick’s Radio Ranch, the voice of Mr. Opportunity, the spokesman for Honda commercials that aired on television and radio, and he was the spokesman for Lucky Stores, a grocery store chain that was located on the West Coast before it was purchased by Albertsons in 1998. Between the years 1996 and 1997, he was the one who provided the voice of Dog for the Taco Bell kid’s meal commercials, while Eddie Deezen was the one who provided the voice of Nacho the cat.

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4. Rob Paulsen’s Phone Number, Email, and House Address

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Rob Paulsen’s phone number: (323) 938-6000
Rob Paulsen’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen
United States

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