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Rob Kerkovich Contact Details

NAME: Rob Kerkovich
DOB: 11 August 1979
BIRTHPLACE: Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
HEIGHT: 1.88 m

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Who is Rob Kerkovich?

This week on NCIS, was filled with intense emotions: After racking up his first kill out on the field, New Orleans’ Sebastian Lund, played by Rob Kerkovich, was put through the wringer when he was suspended from his position as a result of administrative leave. In the episode airing tonight, titled “Return of the King,” Sebastian is seen for the first time working with Dwayne Pride and the other members of the NCIS team as a permanent member of the organization. Playing out Sebastian’s transition into a new line of work has been nothing short of a dream come true for Kerkovich, who plays Sebastian. Over the course of the season, the show has taken its time before truly immersing the character in all-out fieldwork, so Sebastian is still a long way from standing shoulder to shoulder with the Riggs and Murtaughs of the action genre world.

Of course, this is to be expected; nonetheless, Sebastian is still a long way from standing shoulder to shoulder with the Riggs and Murtaughs of the action genre world. In his own words, he explains it as follows: “When you watch Back to the Future and you see Marty McFly, he achieves these fairly great things, but it’s not because he’s this strong, badass man. Because he makes use of both his intellect and a little bit of luck, he is successful. That, rather than just being able to immediately knock down a number of men, is what makes you connect to him a little bit more; you can see yourself in him. That is something I’m looking forward to discussing with Sebastian.

“It’s been fun to slow play it,” adds Kerkovich of the situation. The way that they have explained it to me is that it’s a little bit like being an avatar for the audience. As you watch these programs, you find yourself wishing that you could be as active as the characters shown on screen, who are always on the go and searching for criminals. What would happen if one of us who watched the program was suddenly thrust into the circumstances in which those characters found themselves? If you were truly put into that circumstance, there would be a high learning curve, and it would take some time, but it would be entertaining to see what would happen. At the Television Critics Association summer press tour event that took place on Thursday, the show’s senior producers revealed that there would be crossovers between “NCIS: New Orleans” and the original series.

There are currently preparations being made for the character of Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, to appear in a forthcoming episode of the spinoff. “We have a scenario in which Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette are both involved, as well as David McCallum. Interacting with one another in the way that we do here is what makes this activity so enjoyable. Concerning how often and at what times it occurs, there is a great deal of preparation that goes into it, taking into account Mark’s schedule and ensuring that he is present and attentive to his work on ‘NCIS.’ However, we will keep all of the balls in the air and do everything in our power to make it work,” said Gary Glasberg, who, together with Jeffrey Lieber and Harmon, acts as an executive producer for the show.

throughout a recent visit to the NCIS: New Orleans set, the actor shared with Parade that “it was something I dreamed about” throughout the previous two seasons of the show. “‘It would be kind of cool if I had a gun and was running around,'” the character says. That was simply the child in me, the part that grew up watching Lethal Weapon and other shows like that. When they informed me at the beginning of this season that it was truly going to happen, I honestly did not believe them until I woke up the following day and realized that I had not been dreaming. Then I came to the realization that it had in fact taken place.

It turns out that when he was on the hunt for an international fugitive, he ended up shooting and killing a tourist who, as it turns out, was related to the criminal. Even while the forensic examiner is certain that shots were fired at him before he fired his own, the evidence does not precisely corroborate his assertion. Sebastian has to come to grips with taking a life for the first time, while Pride and the rest of the NCIS team work relentlessly to find the facts surrounding the shooting and show he is innocent. When Rob Kerkovich originally agreed to be in the NCIS: New Orleans television series, he never dreamed that he would one day play a member of the field team that tracks down criminals and brings them to justice.

The actor was preparing himself to spend most of his time as the forensic scientist Sebastian Lund dissecting remains in a laboratory. However, at the end of the third season of the program, both Kerkovich and Sebastian shed their lab coats and embarked on a new careers as fully-fledged NCIS special agents. This change occurred throughout the course of the show’s third season. Rob Kerkovich was recently questioned by TV Guide about how the shooting would influence his future as a field operator and what it is like to be on the FBI’s most wanted list.

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Rob Kerkovich ‘s phone number:  (614) 833-1372
Rob Kerkovich ‘s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Rob Kerkovich

Rob Kerkovich
United States

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