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Guillermo Diaz Contact Details

NAME: Guillermo Diaz
DOB: 22 March 1975
BIRTHPLACE: New Jersey, United States
HEIGHT: 1.78 m

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Who is Guillermo Diaz?

Actor Guillermo Dáz was born in the United States on March 22, 1975. He is well-known for the movies Stonewall, 200 Cigarettes, and Half Baked from 1998.  His most well-known performance was as Diego “Huck” Muoz in the drama Scandal. D’az has made cameos on shows like Girls, Broad City, Weeds, ER, Chappelle’s Show, and Law & Order. Daz was raised in Manhattan’s Washington Heights and was born to Cuban parents in New Jersey. His first speaking part came as Spike in Boaz Yakin’s Fresh in 1994.

He then started acting as Parker Posey’s roommate Leo in Party Girl. La Miranda, a drag queen, played his next role in Nigel Finch’s Stonewall. D’az played Dylan in Jim McKay’s Girls Town in 1996, and he then had an appearance in I’m Not Rappaport. Dáz is gay.  He admitted to Out magazine in 2011 that his challenging upbringing in New York City, where he disguised his sexuality to avoid becoming a target, ultimately improved him as an actor.

I attended a school in the Bronx, he declared. I acquired the habit of attempting to hide my homosexuality frequently. Acting was undoubtedly made easier by my attempt to present as someone I’m not in order to protect myself.  He was listed among the top 100 gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender people in 2013 by Out Magazine.

Dáz has frequently acknowledged his admiration for Madonna. With the exception of The Virgin Tour and The Who’s That Girl Tour, he has attended every one of her tours. On his right arm, he also has a tattoo of her face.Daz received a nomination for Out magazine’s “OUT100″ in November 2017 in honour of his contributions and visibility.

He joined the cast of Mist Takes, a run of improv-based Sierra Mist ads, in 2006. The commercials started appearing in Spanish, and Daz, a bilingual performer, appeared in those alongside other Latino comedians. Argentinian artist Sergio Guillermo Diaz has developed a distinctive style of art as a result of inflation. He sells money that has been painted.

Argentina’s 1,000 peso bill is worth approximately $5.60 officially and only $3.00 on private markets due to annual inflation that probably approached 100% last year.”It makes sense for me to paint on the greatest denomination note here in Argentina,” Diaz said in an interview with Reuters in the northern city of Salta. I can sell it for a lot more money after painting it than the bill is worth.He claims that his works, which also include an image of an American dollar bill, incorporate concepts regarding inflation and the depreciation of the peso.

He has painted images for the money, such as soccer sensation Lionel Messi winning the World Cup. Additionally, he has produced artwork about the recent devaluation of the peso, which has contributed to the poverty of 40% of the nation’s people.Diaz claimed that his work demonstrates “how we are living through this crisis, how inflation is lived, how this is growing, which ultimately impacts us all.”

In High School High, Daz portrayed Paco de la Vega al Camino Cordoba Jose Cuervo Sanchez Rodriguez Jr., a high school gang member. Later, he made an appearance as Flaco, another gang member, in Freeway. He appeared as a guest on ER and Party of Five while he was in Los Angeles.D’az relocated back east after wrapping up his employment on the West Coast to portray a stoner named Eric in Brian Sloan’s movie I Think I Do. In the movie Half Baked, Scarface played a similar role.

Dave Chappelle, one of his co-stars, went on to cast him in a number of Chappelle’s Show episodes.  After landing a speaking but non-speaking part in 200 Cigarettes in 1999, he went on to star in Ethan Hawke’s directorial debut Chelsea Walls and the film Just One Time, where as supporting players, he and Jennifer Esposito were credited with providing the movie’s meagre amount of “comic spark.”

In seasons 2 through 6 of the television series Weeds, Dáz portrayed drug trafficker and dealer Guillermo Garca Gómez. His portrayal of the gay nurse Angel on the television show Mercy in 2009 drew criticism for being over the top in online discussion boards.  He made an appearance in the suspenseful movie Exquisite Corpse in 2010.

Daz was cast as a Latino criminal named Poh Boy in Cop Out in 2010 after playing a number of Mexican thugs. When asked if he worried about being typecast, he responded, “Not really anymore. I’m just thankful that I’m working right now. I make an effort to change things.

D’az participated in a picture shoot for Pinups Magazine in 2010. Daz exhibited full frontal nudity for the photo session. In the music video for the track “I Wanna Go” in 2011, Daz costarred with Britney Spears and participated in a scenario that alluded to his Half Baked character Scarface.Daz started playing Huck in the TV series Scandal in 2012.One of the numerous famous people who appeared in Beyoncé and Jay Z’s “Run” music video in 2014 was Dáz.

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Best Methods to Contact Guillermo Diaz:

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1. Guillermo Diaz Instagram:

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2. Guillermo Diaz Facebook:

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3. Guillermo Diaz Youtube Channel:

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4. Guillermo Diaz Phone Number, Email, House Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Guillermo Diaz, his email address, and his fanmail address.

Guillermo Diaz’s phone number:  (919) 834-6506
Guillermo Diaz’s email id:

Fanmail Address of Guillermo Diaz

Guillermo Diaz
Jason Marks Talent Management
4470 Sunset Blvd
Suite 529
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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