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Gina Philips Contact Details

NAME: Gina Philips
DOB: 10 May 1970
BIRTHPLACE: North Miami Beach, Florida, United States
HEIGHT: 1.6 m
FATHER: Robert Consolo
MOTHER: Fredi Consolo

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Who is Gina Philips?

Gina Philips  is a famous actress from the United States. She had recurring roles on David E. Kelley’s Ally McBeal, playing the character of Sandy Hingle, and on Boston Public, playing the character of Jenna Miller. It is possible that her role as Trish Jenner in the horror film Jeepers Creepers brought her the most fame. She made a brief appearance as herself in the third instalment of Jeepers Creepers. Philips was the product of an Italian father and an Ashkenazi Jewish mother, and his birthplace was Miami Beach, Florida.

She started out at the University of Pennsylvania, but she left school in the middle of her senior year to pursue a career in acting instead. However, given that she was only one class behind the rest of her graduating class, she was permitted to walk through graduation with the rest of her class. [4] Sandy Hingle, which she played on David E. Kelley’s Ally McBeal, and Jenna Miller, which she played on Boston Public, are two of Philips’ most well-known roles.

In addition, she has appeared as a guest on the television shows Star Trek: DS9, Sliders, ER, CSI, Monk, and Medium. Philips was cast in the supporting role of Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare, which was her debut in the film industry. The following day, March 7, 1995, it was broadcast on the Fox Network.  In the film Unforgivable, which was released in 1996, Philips had the minor role of Tammy, the daughter of an abusive father. On April 30, 1996, CBS broadcast the first episode of the movie, which was met with mixed to negative reviews from critics. In the film Born Into Exile, which was released in 1997, Philips had her first leading part as Holly, a runaway who was just 14 years old.

In the year 2001, Philips was chosen to play a leading role in the horror movie Jeepers Creepers. Critics had a variety of reactions to the movie they saw. The plot of Jeepers Creepers 2 in 2003 was supposed to revolve around Philips’ character, Trish Jenner, and Patricia Belcher’s character, Patricia Belcher, hunting down The Creeper. However, the plot changed significantly during script rewrites, and Philips decided against accepting what had become a supporting role in the film.  Her next picture, an American comedic drama titled “The Anarchist Cookbook,” was met with generally unfavourable reviews upon its release.

The year 2023 has been filled with happiness, but the Hollywood community has had some members pass away. In memory of each and every famous person who passed away in 2018, we have compiled a photo collection to pay respect to their lives. In the same vein as the Creeper, the Jeepers Creepers franchise will not lie inactive for an excessively long time. Dread Central is releasing the first episode of their brand-new limited series podcast Jeepers Creepers Unseen this week, which will investigate the controversy that is rooted in the history of the Jeepers Creepers franchise.

This coincides with the upcoming reboot Jeepers Creepers: Reborn hitting theatres this week. Dread Central’s Josh Korngut is the presenter of a new podcast that intends to dig out that lurid past and throw it all out on the table. The fanbase is divided on the issue of the separation of a creator and their art against accountability and what that looks like. Josh Korngut hosts the new podcast.

The first Jeepers Creepers movie, which Victor Salva had both written and directed, was released in theatres in the year 2001. The film follows Darry, played by a younger version of himself in “Barbarian,” and his sister Trish, as they make their way back to their mother’s house after visiting their father. In the distant countryside, the two adolescents had an encounter with a horrible creature known as the Creeper. The Creeper is said to awaken once every 23 years in order to hunt and feast on the viscera of victims who are unaware of its presence.

Prior to Salva writing and directing the picture, which has since gone on to generate two sequel films not including Reborn, Salva was convicted in 1988 for the sexual abuse of a kid who was 12 years old. This occurred before Salva wrote and directed the film. After serving only 15 months of his three-year sentence in prison, Salva was not only able to find work in Hollywood, but he was hired on by Disney to write and direct the film Powder. Salva was convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to three years in prison.

Korngut plans to educate fans of the franchise about the controversy in the Jeeper Creepers Unseen podcast by “reviving its past, contextualising the harm perpetuated by the creator, and taking an honest look at why this property is so important to so many horror fans.”  goal is to “take an honest look at why this property is so important to so many horror fans.”

Lisa Marie Presley passed away on January 12, 2023, when she was 54 years old. She went into sudden cardiac arrest and was taken to the hospital; she passed away a few hours after being admitted.Her mother, Priscilla, issued a statement in which she said, “It is with a heavy heart that I must convey the tragic news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us.” Priscilla also shared a photo of her daughter.

She was the most loving, passionate, and strong lady I have ever known. I will never forget her. As we struggle to come to terms with the magnitude of this loss, we respectfully request privacy. I am grateful for the love and prayers that have been sent. There will be no additional comment on this matter at this time.”There will be no forgetting Lisa Marie or any of the other stars. In this collection, we remember the lives of a few more famous people that passed away.

Both Dead & Breakfast and Jennifer’s Shadow were low-budget horror flicks that she starred in during the year 2004. While staying at her grandparents’ remote summerhouse in 2006, Elizabeth Philips once again took the lead role in a low-budget horror film called Ring Around the Rosie. This time, she portrayed a young woman who was tormented by terrifying visions and dreams of traumatic events in her past.

The following year, she had starring roles in both the horror movie The Sickhouse and the television movie My Baby Is Missing, which was produced for Lifetime. On January 7, 2010, the movie was made available to purchase as a DVD under the title Stolen Innocence.

Chained, a Canadian psychological thriller that was filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan, and released in 2012, was the film that she started working on in 2011. The film was directed by Jennifer Lynch and was formerly known as Rabbit.She made a brief appearance as her previous character in the third instalment of the Jeepers Creepers film series, which was titled Jeepers Creepers 3. Production of the movie started in February of 2017 in the state of Louisiana, and it was released in September of that same year.

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Best Methods to Contact Gina Philips:

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1. Gina Philips Instagram:

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2. Gina Philips Facebook:

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3. Gina Philips Youtube Channel:

Gina Philips also has her youtube channel. She posts her new videos on her channel. You can visit her youtube channel to see her latest videos.

4. Gina Philips Phone Number, Email, House Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number Gina Philips, her email address, and her fanmail address.

Gina Philips’s phone number:  (203) 793-7597
Gina Philips’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Gina Philips

Gina Philips
Zero Gravity Management
11110 Ohio Avenue
Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3329

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