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Pj Liguori Contact Details

NAME: Pj Liguori
DOB: 11 December 1990
BIRTHPLACE: Peterborough, United Kingdom
BIRTH SIGN: Sagittarius
HEIGHT: 1.88 m
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/kickthepj/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/kickthedaddy/
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/pj

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Who is Pj Liguori?

YouTuber and film producer PJ Liguori was born in the United Kingdom on 11 December 1990. He is of British and Italian descent. His most popular work can be seen on the channel known as KickThePj on YouTube. Liguori is an expert in a wide variety of creative fields, including acting, producing, editing, sound, art, animation, 3D modeling, crafts, writing, and costume design. He has also written screenplays, directed productions, written songs, created props, and written songs. The comedic fantasy web series Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, “Colour Bandits,” and “The Forever Train” are among his most recognized works. Liguori was born into an Italian family in Peterborough, which is located in Cambridgeshire, England. She is one of his siblings.

Early in 2007, when he was 16 years old, Liguori posted his debut video on YouTube. In the clip, he could be seen playing the guitar. Late in the year 2014, Liguori collaborated with New Form Digital to produce a short film pilot called Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures. The video was just ten minutes long. The plot of the movie centers on a young guy called Oliver who travels to his uncle’s hotel to pay him a visit. At the hotel, he discovers that some of the visitors are monsters.

A specific monster causes havoc in the hotel all of a sudden, and Oliver, together with his newfound companions, is able to vanquish the beast. In April 2015, Liguori made the announcement that Oscar’s Hotel will be sponsored and taken up by Vimeo for production as a web series consisting of six episodes and dubbed Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures. Both New Form Digital and The Jim Henson Company contributed to the production of the series. On September 15, 2015, Vimeo broadcast the first episode of the online series for viewers to watch. After that, one episode of the web series was released each week for a total of six episodes.

Stories from Somewhere was the title of an album that was published by Liguori on October 7, 2011. This CD is a compilation of songs that each tell a different short story. Color Bandits was the title of a video that Liguori uploaded to his channel on YouTube in the month of June 2013. This movie portrays Liguori as a “Colour Bandit,” who dresses in all white and has white makeup caked on his face. PJ Liguori, Sophie Newton, Jamie Swarbrick, and Louis Grant worked together to write the screenplay for the movie.

The short video “PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer,” which Liguori directed, earned him a Virgin Media Award in November of 2012. In addition to this achievement, Liguori won the Streamy Award for Best Director for his film series Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures in 2016. These awards were presented in 2016. In October 2016, Ligouri was put forth for consideration to win the British Creator of the Year award at the British Online Creator Awards. In addition, Liguori was nominated for the BONCAs Series of the Year award for his work on the film series Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, although he ultimately came in second place behind Adrian Bliss. In October of 2013, Liguori released a short film titled The Forever Train that was just 8 minutes long.

PJ Liguori, Sophie Newton, Jamie Swarbrick, and Louis Grant are all responsible for the production of this short film. In the movie, Chris Kendall plays a passenger on “The Forever Train,” which is a train that can travel across time, and the film follows the narrative of that person. As the traveler searches for his bag and ticket on board, he engages in a number of amusing exchanges with the other monsters and animals who are also traveling. Chris Kendall, Thomas Ridgewell, Daniel Howell, Phil Lester, and Dodie Clark are just a few of the YouTube personalities that have portrayed roles in this movie.

Becoming YouTube is a web documentary series created by Benjamin Cook that consists of twelve episodes. Liguori appears in two of those episodes. Liguori performed two live gigs in his hometown of Brighton in 2018, both of which were billed as “work in progress,” and he subsequently disclosed that the performances had served as test shows for an upcoming live tour of the United Kingdom. During the months of September and the beginning of October of that year, Liguori took his play “Space Trip,” which was a live storytelling event centered on the made-up planet Kazam and its sinister residents, to a total of twelve different locations throughout the country. All three of the aforementioned individuals, Dean Dobbs, Bertie Gilbert, and Chris Kendall, had worked with Liguori in the past, and they appeared as guest stars on the program.

The music video for Dodie Clark’s track “Monster” which was released in 2019 was directed by Liguori. While he was younger, Liguori had an interest in drama and often collaborated with his friends on home films. Before enrolling full-time at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey, in order to get a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Digital Film and Screen Arts in 2013, he took a year off to travel and work in the film industry. It was in this environment that he became acquainted with other creative individuals such as Sophie Newton, Jamie Swarbrick, and Louis Grant. In March 2015, Liguori became a citizen of the United Kingdom, and he now resides in Brighton.

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Best Methods to Contact Pj Liguori:

It is simpler to contact Pj Liguori with the below-written contact ways. We have gathered the authenticated and checked data methods of communication as shown below:

1. Pj Liguori Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kickthepj/

The most popular social media site is Instagram. Each prominent Instagram personality will have a profile created for you. You may also communicate with them via direct messages if you use them. You may also use Instagram to view Instagram’s profile and new photos.

2. Pj Liguori Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kickthedaddy/

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking platform. You will be able to view the Facebook profile of any prominent individual. You may also contact them using direct messaging. You can also view his Facebook profile and recent photos by going to his Facebook page.

3. Pj Liguori Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/pj

Pj Liguori also has a youtube channel. he posts his new videos on his channel. You can visit his youtube channel to see his latest videos.

4. Pj Liguori Phone Number, Email, House Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Pj Liguori, his email address, and his fanmail address.

Pj Liguori’s phone number:  +44 (0)207 234 9455
Pj Liguori’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Pj Liguori

Pj Liguori
United Kingdom

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