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Mace Coronel Contact Details

NAME: Mace Coronel
DOB: 10 March 2004
BIRTHPLACE: New York, New York, United States
HEIGHT: 1.71 m
FATHER: Marc Coronel
MOTHER: Grace Coronel
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/macecoronel
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheRealMaceCoronel
YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/c/MaceCoronel

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Who is Mace Coronel?

After Leia spent practically the entire first season of That ’90s Show dating Jay Mace Coronel, she and Nate got close as the season came to a conclusion, almost sharing a kiss in the finale. Netflix’s That ’90s Show is now streaming on Netflix. A new Kelso judgment has been issued in Point Place, Wisconsin. On “That ’90s Show,” Netflix’s “That ’70s Show” spinoff, viewers are introduced to a new generation of basement-dwelling teens, including town newcomer Leia, rebellious badass Gwen, sassy scene-stealer Ozzie, attached-at-the-lips lovebirds Nikki and Nate, and charming jokester Jay.

During the first episode of the new series, we find out that Jay is not just any Jay; rather, he is the son of Michael Kelso, who was originally played in the original series by Ashton Kutcher. When Kutcher makes a guest appearance in the first episode, he and Kutcher Jr. enjoy a touching moment together, which serves to underscore how fantastic Coronel’s casting actually is. According to statements made by Coronel to POPSUGAR, he studied for the part by studying old episodes of “That ’70s Show” in order to observe Michael and Mila Kunis’s character, Jackie, who portrayed Michael’s mother.

“I studied both of my parents for the show,” he adds in the transcript. We have a natural propensity to take on some habits and features that are inherited from our parents. Therefore, it was essential for me to prepare myself scientifically so that I could incorporate it into the character. In honor of the continued Kelso legacy, we have compiled a list of all the ways in which Jay is similar to his father, both in terms of appearance and personality. Check out the side-by-side comparisons that are below, and see Coronel in action on “That ’90s Show,” which is now available to watch on Netflix.

The parallels between Jay and Michael are difficult to overlook, despite the fact that “That ’90s Show” did not attempt to re-create characters from the original show when they created Jay. To begin, everything about Coronel’s appearance is reminiscent of a younger Ashton Kutcher, from his wavy brown hair to his charming grin. Jay is equally as silly, adorable, and amusing as his dad, and he even yells his distinctive catchphrase “Burn!” every once in a while.

This is in addition to the fact that Jay has his dad’s physical characteristics. When it came time for Coronel to put on his best flannel and embody Jay, he didn’t give much thought to the enormous shoes he and his co-stars would be filling by appearing in the relaunch of such a well-loved program as he and his castmates were filling.

The advice his parents gave him was to break into his own shoes rather than buy used ones. “My parents told me not to walk in secondhand shoes,” he adds. Since I began acting when I was seven years old, I find that I am seldom afraid but rather encouraged to create and express. He claims that he had a great experience performing on set with Kutcher, with whom he became fast friends due to their shared passion for jiu-jitsu.

During the course of the first season of “That ’90s Show,” Jay goes from being a slick flirt with a reputation for being a player to a complete darling who is falling for Leia, the member of their smoking circle who is the most naive. After breaking up with her to avoid having to go a long distance, Jay immediately sees his error and begs to get back together with Leia.

Nevertheless, the future of their relationship remains uncertain as Leia prepares to return to her hometown of Chicago for the next academic year. However, it is possible that Leia and Nate are developing affection for one another in secret, which has left her unclear about how to continue. We are in luck since the program was just extended for a second season, which means that we won’t have to wait long to find out how the love triangle situation turns out.

Because Nate is seeing Nikki, their relationship is further strained by the fact that Nate is seeing another woman. But, come on, a That ’70s Show sequel series just wouldn’t be complete without at least a little bit of romantic conflict. Maxwell is equally torn about what it all means for his character Nate, particularly considering the fact that his developing relationship with Leia complicates his situation with Nikki.

He said that it was a challenging issue. “It’s a tough question,” “I like the way that Nate and Nikki interact with one another. But there are a couple of wild moments right at the end of the season with Nate and Leia that make you think, ‘Oh, maybe there’s something there.’ It would be interesting to learn more about it.

In the meanwhile, Mace isn’t very concerned about what the relationship between Leia and Nate implies for his character Jay. He made a joke by saying, “Look, my character is a Kelso.” “In my opinion, it should not be too difficult to understand. I don’t believe he is capable of committing to a serious relationship. My protagonist has already developed a very strong crush on himself.

In light of this, what does the cast of That ’90s Show want to see happen to the complicated dynamic in the years to come? “That’s really difficult,” Callie said in an interview with E! News. “I believe that Leia and Jay have some charming moments that occur here and there throughout the series. But then there’s a cute little exchange between Leia and Nate, but of course, I don’t want to interfere with the connection that Nate has with Nikki.

In the end, Leia decides to go from Point Place at the close of the summer. “Personally, I would like to see Leia grow on her own for a bit and find herself before she hops into something new,” Callie says, expressing her desire for her character to take advantage of the time away from her boyfriend to focus on finding herself.

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1. Mace Coronel Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/macecoronel

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3. Mace Coronel Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/MaceCoronel

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4. Mace Coronel’s Phone Number, Email, House Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number of Mace Coronel, his email address, and his fanmail address.

Mace Coronel’s phone number: +1(781)561-2206
Mace Coronel’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Mace Coronel

Mace Coronel
New York,
New York,
United States

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