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Linda Park Contact Details

NAME: Linda Park
DOB: 9 July 1978
BIRTHPLACE: Seoul, South Korea
HEIGHT: 1.65 m

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Who is Linda Park?

Linda Park is a South Korean-born American actress who was born in the United States on July 9, 1978. She is most known for playing the role of Hoshi Sato, a communications officer, in the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. Although Park spent his childhood in San Jose, California, he was born in South Korea. During her time as a student at Notre Dame High School and Bellarmine College Preparatory, she was a member of a variety of different theatrical plays.

In the year 2001, Park appeared in the motion picture Jurassic Park III playing the supporting role of Ellie Sattler’s assistant. In a ceremony held on October 11, 2014, Park wed the actor Daniel Bess. On the 17th of June in 2018, she gave birth to a boy, who was their first child together. Park was the brainchild of William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque, and he made his first appearance in The Flash issue #28 in 1989.

This issue took place in the time following the Crisis on Infinite Earths when Barry Allen was thought to be dead and Wally West was assuming the identity of the Scarlet Speedster. Park, who worked in journalism, became one of West’s primary romantic interests, and the couple went on to be married. Jai and Irey were the two kids that they had together. Both West and Park were significantly impacted when the chronology of the DC Universe was altered, and it has only been in the most recent few years that they have started to get back to where they were. Park has lately obtained super-speed, however, it is not quite obvious how or why this occurred. In general, Park is not represented as having any special abilities.

In 1997, Park was told that she suffered from lupus. In issue 786 of The Flash, written by Jeremy Adams and illustrated by Amancay Nahuelpan, with coloring by Jeromy Cox and Peter Pantazis, and lettering by AW’s Justin Birch, Linda Park is given her very own superhero suit.

In this comic, which serves as a tie-in to the event that has been going on for some time now and is called Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the different heroes of the DC Universe get together to find out how they are going to deal with Slade Wilson/Deathstroke’s army. The different members of the Flash Family, including Park, who have just obtained their abilities, arrive just as the teams are dividing up the locations. Soon after, Park will come back with a costume that she commissioned Mr. Terrific to create for her.

The Flash family as a unit heads out to assist other heroes like Animal Man and Hawkman, with Park’s new outfit proving to be tough enough to withstand the challenges of the mission. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earth is a crossover that was spawned from the story titled “Death of the Justice League.” It was written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Daniel Sampere, with additional contributions from various DC creatives. Since the Justice League was put out of action at the beginning of this series, the heroes of Earth have been working together to combat a variety of significant dangers that have arisen as a direct consequence.

However, Pariah and the Great Darkness are of the utmost significance since it was they who first prevailed against the Justice League. Wally is eager to urge that Linda become a crime-fighting superhero like himself and even advises that she take on the name of “Lightspeed,” which is a nod to the Flash Forward miniseries that was written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Brett Booth. Wally encountered a version of Linda from another Earth while on a quest to halt the Dark Multiverse in Flash Forward #4.

This Linda was a speedster who used the heroic moniker of Lightspeed. Wally and Linda became fast friends. The Flash Forward miniseries is the narrative that truly brought back the West family to the DC Universe. It included the return of Wally and Linda’s children, Jai and Irey, and it was also responsible for Linda remembering who her husband was after she had forgotten for a while.

Park is a serious student of dance and has been known to say things like “Dancing has always been my second love.” In addition to her training in other genres of dance, she has maintained her ballet training. She was cast in the part of Hoshi Sato in the sixth season of the Star Trek franchise, which aired in September 2001 and was called Star Trek: Enterprise. This happened in 2001, less than a year after she graduated from college. In addition to his duties as the ship’s communications officer, Sato had a natural talent for interpreting foreign languages. Park is able to communicate well in English and Korean, and she also has a basic understanding of French.

My Prince, My Angel was Park’s debut short film, which she produced and acted in, and it was released in August 2003. She played the role of Fuchsia in the University of Arizona’s production of the world premiere of Mary Fengar Gail’s play in October 2003. She appeared in a performance of Agamemnon in New York City from October 19th to November 11th, 2005, playing the role of Clytemnestra. In the year 2011, she appeared at the Matrix Theater in Los Angeles in a performance of All My Sons by Arthur Miller. She portrayed the part of Anne Deever. In addition to that, she is one of the people that established the theatrical company known as Underground Asylum.

In the second season of Crash, which aired on the Starz Network in 2009, Park was cast in the character of Maggie Cheon; she appeared as a co-star in thirteen episodes of the show. In 2009, Park became a series regular. Following the passing of Dennis Hopper, the television program was ultimately canceled.

She attended Boston University and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree there in the year 2000. She attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art as well as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art throughout her time as an undergraduate student. Her time in England was spent studying abroad. Mad Forest, Lysistrata, Cyrano de Bergerac, Richard III, and The Trojan Women were just a few of the plays she performed in while she was in college.

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4. Linda Park’s Phone Number, Email, House Address

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Linda Park’s phone number:  (270) 259-5410
Linda Park’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Linda Park

Linda Park
South Korea

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