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Haley Pullos Contact Details

NAME: Haley Pullos
DOB: 10 July 1998
BIRTHPLACE: Palo Alto, California, United States
HEIGHT: 1.6 m
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/haleypullos/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Haley-Alexis-Pullos-172097917927/

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Who is Haley Pullos?

Haley Pullos is a well-known American actress who was born on July 10, 1998. She became famous for her part as Molly Lansing-Davis in the daytime soap opera General Hospital, which aired in the United States. Additionally, she plays the role of Bella in Ashley Garcia’s The Expanding Universe. The 10th of July, 1998 found Haley Alexis Pullos entering the world in San Jose, California. She is one of four children, with two brothers and two sisters. In addition to her recurring position on General Hospital,

she has also appeared in the pilot episode of Dollhouse, and she plays the younger version of Melinda in the recurring role she holds on Ghost Whisperer. In 2013, she was featured in the Yoplait commercial titled “Little Tricks.”  On the television show House, she also featured in Episode 13 of Season 7, titled “Two Stories.” The General Hospital spoilers recap for Friday, December 23, reveals that Britt Westbourne  finished up a brief Christmas celebration with Nina Reeves , Liesl Obrecht, and Maxie Jones. Britt was joined by Nina Reeves, Liesl Obrecht, and Maxie.

Britt recited all of the remaining holiday activities that were on her list, but Liesl claimed behind Britt’s back that she still had many more Christmases to come.Liesl advised Britt that rather than living each day as though it were her last, she should live as though it were her first and savour the wonder in the moment. The woman required the services of an OB-GYN, but they were unable to bring her to the hospital because the roads were impassable owing to the snow.

At the garage owned by Brando Corbin, Sonny Corinthos ran with Sasha Gilmore, who informed him that the property was going to be sold in the near future. Britt was moved by the woman’s thoughtfulness, as evidenced by the fact that she chose to give her child the name Britta Noel. Ellie also brought up a new potential suitor who had formerly called Port Charles home, and she chastised Spinelli for his continued feelings for Maxie.

Spinelli gave the impression that he was trying to use Christmas to reignite things, but in reality, he did not believe that this would be possible at this point.Spinelli was persuaded that he should find a method to make Christmas magic happen for Georgie after Ellie advised him not to give up so quickly. Ellie was concerned that Spinelli would disappoint Georgie.

Spinelli ultimately decided to go with a strategy that was comparable to Maxie’s, which is how he ended up arriving at the same airport as Georgie later.Maxie was pleased and believed that Spinelli had always come through for her, thus it turned out that the three of them did in fact have a happy Christmas.

Returning to Ellie, her phone rang, and the audience could see on the caller ID that Dr. Griffin Munro was trying to reach her.Ellie responded, and she gave the impression that she was happy to talk to the new man in her life.Once more in Port Charles, Laura Collins and Jordan Ashford discussed the ways in which they might be able to reopen the roads as quickly as they possibly could.

When Maxie Jones, who was playing this character, found out that her flight to Portland had been cancelled, she completely lost it.Since he’d taken their daughter to see Ellie Spinelli, the intention was to meet up with Damian Spinelli  and Georgie Spinelli there. Ellie Spinelli was their kid’s godmother.

Liesl was adamant that the Maxie she knew would not give up, and she believed that there had to be an answer to the problem.Maxie called Brook Lynn to inquire about her family’s availability of a private aircraft and learnt that Nina had spoken with her company manager and discovered that a hanger in Toronto was still allowing flights to take off.Brook Lynn was able to solve the problem with the jet, but Maxie was still searching for a quick means to cross the border.

Maxie was able to enter Canada thanks to Austin’s intervention, which involved calling in a favour to be done for her by Mason, who set her up with a sketchy boat.Because of the inclement weather, the plane that Maxie ended up on was forced to make an early landing, and as a result, she was left stranded at the airport.

In Portland, Georgie exploded in anger after learning that Maxie would not be able to make it in time for Christmas, and then she stormed out to another room.Sasha had some experience working in garages, but she was having a hard time completing Brando’s motorcycle by 2023 as he had requested.Sasha was appreciative since Sonny insisted that he would assist her and swore to finish this task before dinnertime.

Britt arrived after her automobile had spun out of control, and she let slip that this would be her last Christmas in Port Charles. However, she covered her tracks by dropping hints to Sasha about a job in Boston.As soon as Cody called with the latest information on the virgin Mary giving birth, Britt began to wonder how much eggnog Cody had had before to his phone call.

Britt got on the completed motorcycle with Sasha after Austin took the phone and explained the real situation to her. Austin’s explanation was successful.Both Britt and Sasha made a beeline towards the Quartermaine estate, where Britt assisted a mother in giving birth to a baby girl. Sasha followed close behind.

The preparations that Olivia Quartermaine  and Ned Quartermaine  had for an intimate holiday celebration at the Quartermaine home did not go as planned. Despite this, Olivia was adamant that they find a way to make it work, so she whipped up an additional lasagna.

Molly Lansing-Davis, played by Haley Pullos, and TJ Ashford, played by Tajh Bellow, came shortly afterward because the roadblock had prevented them from travelling.Olivia was kind enough to extend an invitation to TJ and Molly so that they may take refuge in the Quartermaine home while the situation was resolved.After after, a pregnant woman who had been experiencing car difficulty arrived. She was costumed as the Virgin Mary since she had previously participated in a nativity scene that was taking place nearby.

Olivia didn’t really believe that she could tell the woman that there was no room in the inn, despite the fact that Ned believed it was ridiculous to continue adding visitors in this manner. Unfortunately, the pregnant woman who consumed Olivia’s hot sauce went into labour as a result of her consumption of it.

Even though Austin and TJ were present, they did not have the required level of experience due to the fact that the baby was in the breech position.Prior to Cody Bell  breaking the terrible news about the roads being closed, Austin Gatlin Holt  joined in on the celebration that was taking place.Olivia extended an invitation to Cody to join them, but Ned became concerned about the absence of food during the conversation.

Relevant ways are provided below to contact Haley Pullos. If you want to contact Haley Pullos, her phone number, email address, as well as Haley Pullos Fanmail address details, are given. Social Media accounts are also offered to make contact with Haley Pullos with a simple method.

Best Methods to Contact Haley Pullos:

It is simpler to contact Haley Pullos with the below-written contact ways. We have gathered the authenticated and checked data methods of communication as shown below:

1. Haley Pullos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haleypullos/

The most popular social media site is Instagram. Each prominent Instagram personality will have a profile created for you. You may also communicate with them via direct messages if you use them. You may also use Instagram to view Instagram’s profile and new photos.

2. Haley Pullos Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Haley-Alexis-Pullos-172097917927/

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking platform. You will be able to view the Facebook profile of any prominent individual. You may also contact them using direct messaging. You can also view her Facebook profile and recent photos by going to her Facebook page.

3. Haley Pullos Youtube Channel: NA

Haley Pullos also has her youtube channel. She posts her new videos on her channel. You can visit her youtube channel to see her latest videos.

4. Haley Pullos Phone Number, Email, House Address

Here we discuss the most common contact methods like the phone number Haley Pullos, her email address, and her fanmail address.

Haley Pullos’s phone number: Not Available
Haley Pullos’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Haley Pullos

Haley Pullos
Innovative Artists
1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401-2805

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