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Gemma Whelan Contact Details

NAME: Gemma Whelan
DOB: 23 April 1981
BIRTHPLACE: Leeds, United Kingdom
HEIGHT: 1.68 m

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Who is Gemma Whelan?

Gemma  Whelan is a British actress and comedian. She is best known for her role as Yara Greyjoy in the fantasy-drama series Game of Thrones, which airs on HBO. Whelan was born on April 23, 1981. She also portrays Kate in all of the seasons of the comedy Upstart Crow, Detective Eunice Noon in the first season of The End of the F***ing World on Channel 4, and Geraldine in the third season of Killing Eve. All of these roles can be found on Channel 4. Whelan was honoured with the Funny Women Variety Award in 2010 for her work in stand-up comedy.

She took her act, “Chastity Butterworth & The Spanish Hamster,” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013, where it was played.  In 2014, she gave a recording session for a pilot chat show for BBC Radio 4 in which she portrayed her character Chastity Butterworth. Gemma Whelan, who played the bisexual Yara Greyjoy in the fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones,’ has admitted that the actors who got intimate on the show were given very little guidance; however, fortunately, they had a ‘instinct’ to ‘check in’ with one another in order to make sure that no one was left feeling uncomfortable.

“A director can say, ‘Bit of bobbing, then slap her b*tt and go!,’ but Gemma Whelan remarked that she would always speak it through with the other actress. “Bit of bobbing, then slap her b*tt and go!” According to Gemma Whelan, the “sex scenes” in Game of Thrones actually have very little to no direction, which came as quite a surprise to us. However, “sex scenes” in Game of Thrones are practically synonymous with one another.

The actress’ on-screen brother Alfie Allen appeared in one of Whelan’s more scandalous sequences, becoming one of the most infamous in Game of Thrones. While riding a horse, the two characters were seen engaging in some sexual acts, which made for an unpleasant moment on film. However, according to Whelan, this scene was only unsettling for the audience since Whelan recalled that Allen took precautions to ensure that she remained secure throughout it.

Whelan admitted in an interview with The Guardian that the play did not have an intimacy coordinator, which is a position that not only assists in realising the vision of the director but also ensures the wellbeing of the actors. Because there wasn’t one, the cast had to look out for each other while they were on set, which reportedly caused a bit of a “frenzied mess.” Waddingham, who played Septa Unella, recalls that she initially felt that they had sent her the wrong parts. “And sure enough, when I arrived there, I was immediately put in the wetsuit top.

I asked why, and they responded by saying that I would be subjected to waterboarding instead. Then I was like, “Oh, we’re not truly conducting waterboarding?,” because I was confused. ‘No, no, no, we are.'” Whelan is not the first performer on Game of Thrones to express their thoughts publicly regarding the production of the fantasy drama. Hannah Waddingham shared information on her infamous torture scene with Collider Ladies Night back in May. She stated that she was literally “waterboarded” throughout the scene.

According to what the actress who plays Yara Greyjoy told the publication, “They used to just say, ‘When we call action, go for it!'” “However, there was always a natural tendency for the actors to check in with each other,” you said.

Whelan noted that during one scene, she was supposed to check in on the other person in the scene. She went on to say that because “she was so exposed,” they had a conversation about where the camera would be and what she would be happy with. “A director might say, ‘Bit of boob biting, then slap her bum and go!,’ but I would always talk it through with the other actor.”

Whelan recounted an especially controversial sex scene from the second series of the show that took place between Yara and her brother Theon Greyjoy. She added that she and her co-star Alfie Allen talked at length about the moment before filming it.

She proceeded by saying, “Alfie kept asking me, ‘Is this OK?'” What are we going to do to make this thing happen?’ When working with intimacy directors, the process is similar to choreography: you move there, I move there, and permission and consent are obtained before you begin. It is a move in the right direction, which is encouraging.The British actress mentioned that since the #MeToo movement began, there has been a significantly different atmosphere on set.

Whelan responded to a question from the publication The Guardian by saying, “Almost literally,” when asked if they were left to get on with things in the absence of an intimacy coordinator. It used to be that all they would say was, “When we call action, go for it!” and the game would be a complete and utter chaos.

She has been in supporting roles in a number of films and television shows, including the films Gulliver’s Travels and The Wolfman, both of which were released in 2010. She played Kate in Ben Elton’s BBC Two comedy Upstart Crow, in which she appeared in all 18 main episodes as well as three Christmas specials, and she was a series regular on The End of the F***ing World. She also appeared in other comedies, such as Uncle and The Agency, in which she portrayed roles.

She was given the role of Yara Greyjoy in the HBO fantasy-drama television series Game of Thrones in August 2011, and during the show’s second season, she began appearing as a recurring cast member in subsequent seasons.

In 2017, she played the role of Karen Matthews in the two-part television drama The Moorside, which was based on the disappearance of Shannon Matthews, who was nine years old at the time. In the 2019 season of the BBC drama Gentleman Jack, she played the role of Marian Lister.Whelan will be playing the character of Kate once again in the stage production of Upstart Crow that will premiere at the Gielgud Theatre in London in February 2020. Whelan made her return to the West End stage in the role of Kate in 2022, when the play was brought back to life at the Apollo Theatre.

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3. Gemma Whelan Youtube Channel: NA

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4. Gemma Whelan Phone Number, Email, House Address

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Gemma Whelan’s phone number: Not Available
Gemma Whelan’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Gemma Whelan

Gemma Whelan
Hamilton Hodell
20 Golden Square

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