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Gates McFadden Contact Details

NAME: Gates McFadden
DOB: 2 March 1949
BIRTHPLACE: Akron, Ohio, United States
HEIGHT: 1.72 m

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Who is Gates McFadden?

The author is Cheryl Gates McFadden is both an actress and a choreographer who was born in the United States. When she is working as a choreographer, she is typically credited as Cheryl McFadden, and when she is working as an actress, she is credited as Gates McFadden. Her role as Dr. Beverly Crusher in the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series and the four films that followed brought her the most fame. In the 1970s, McFadden was a professor in the theatre and dance departments of several post-secondary institutions, including the University of Pittsburgh, Harvard University, and George Washington University.

During this time, she established a theatrical group known as The New York Theatre Commotion. In 1975, she embarked on a tour with an all-female clown performance known as “Commedia Dell Pinky.” McFadden was chosen to play Dr. Beverly Crusher in the 1987 television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The role of Crusher was intended to be the love interest of Captain Jean-Luc Picard; another essential component of the character was that she was a widow who was attempting to balance parenting and a career.

The main writer and showrunner, Maurice Hurley, did not enjoy his time spent working with McFadden, and as a result, McFadden was fired at the conclusion of the first season at his insistence.  Dr. Katherine Pulaski, the Enterprise’s new chief medical officer, was played by Diana Muldaur when she joined the production for the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Since the creator of the series Gene Roddenberry confessed that the character of Dr. Pulaski did not create a chemistry with the other characters, Gene Roddenberry approached Gates McFadden about reprising his role as Dr. Crusher for the third season.

McFadden was initially apprehensive, but after receiving a phone call from her co-star Patrick Stewart and countless messages from fans, she was eventually convinced to reprise the part, which she continued to portray for the remainder of the series. Initially, she was hesitant. She has been a professor at a number of different universities.

The School of Theater at the University of Southern California listed her as an adjunct faculty member as of the month of August 2010, when that information was compiled.  Between the months of January 2009 and October 2014, she served as the Artistic Director of the Ensemble Studio Theatre in Los Angeles.  During her tenure, she was the driving force behind the construction of a brand-new theatre complex in Los Angeles known as the Atwater Village Theatre Collective.

McFadden has provided her talents as a narrator for a number of different audio books. In the movie “Confessor” that came out in 2010, she narrated it. As a result of an event that occurred early on in her Star Trek career involving stalking, Gates McFadden was one of the last members of the TNG main cast to consistently attend fan conventions. Despite this, she went back to conventions in 2011, and after having a very satisfying time at the New York Comic Con in 2014, she developed a passion for attending gatherings of this kind.

In the year 2017, Mary McFadden expressed her delight at the fact that a recently released documentary about the production of Labyrinth has enabled her to interact with admirers of her collaborations with Jim Henson. In the comedy Taking Care of Business, which was released in 1990 and starred James Belushi and fellow Next Generation alum John de Lancie, Gaten McFadden had a supporting rol. In 1992, she was a part of a performance of Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, which was played in four different towns across the country.

Alongside her, other cast members were Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, and Colm Meaney. She also acted alongside Richard Grieco in the television series Marker, which ran from 1995 to 1996, and she appeared alongside Yasmine Bleeth in the television film Crowned and Dangerous, produced in 1997. Allison Rourke, Paul Buchman’s employer, was a character that she played on the sitcom Mad About You for a total of four episodes. This was her additional job in television. McFadden made an appearance as a voice actor in a number of television ads for Microsoft in the spring of 2006.

The Center Seat: 55 Years of Star Trek was a multi-part documentary series that was broadcast on the cable channel History in 2021. McFadden provided the narration for the series. In addition to that, she was an executive producer for the show. Since then, she has performed the part of Crusher again on Star Trek: Prodigy, and she is scheduled to do it again on Star Trek: Picard when the third season of that show premieres in 2023.

“The High Ground,” in which terrorists take her hostage; “Remember Me,” in which she becomes trapped in an alternate reality where her loved ones start to disappear; “The Host,” which features a romance between the doctor and an alien composed of two symbiotic organisms; “Suspicions,” in which she risks her career to solve the murder of a scientist; “Descent,” in which Crusher takes command of the Enterprise; and “Sub Rosa,” in which she becomes the captain of the

McFadden reprised her role throughout all four films based on the TNG series, and she also lent her voice to the Star Trek: A Final Unity and Star Trek Generations video games for the PC. In addition, McFadden directed the episode “Genesis”, in which a virus leads the crew to devolve into more basic forms of life, and she choreographed the dance routine that was included in the episode “Data’s Day.”

McFadden was the director of choreography and puppet movement for The Jim Henson Company’s productions of Labyrinth and The Muppets Take Manhattan, in addition to performing uncredited work on Dreamchild. In order to differentiate her work as an actress from that of a choreographer, she is typically credited with the name “Gates McFadden” for her acting roles and “Cheryl McFadden” for her choreographic credits. However,

she was credited as “Cheryl McFadden” in the Troma movie “When Nature Calls”  and in the episode of “Cliff’s 50th Birthday” from season three of “The Cosby Show.” In the film The Hunt for Red October, she made an uncredited appearance as Caroline Ryan, Jack Ryan’s wife.

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4. Gates McFadden Phone Number, Email, House Address

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Gates McFadden’s phone number: Not Available
Gates McFadden’s email id: Not Available

Fanmail Address of Gates McFadden

Gates McFadden
Silver Massetti & Szatmary Agency
4111 West Alameda Avenue
Suite 611
Burbank, CA 91505-4164

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